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About Avery Putter

Avery Putter

Avery Putter began his career as a commodity broker in 1992 on the exchange floor of New York Coffee, Sugar, and Cocoa Exchange (CSCE). In 2001 he started Putter Trading, his own brokerage services operation. Putter Trading provided commodity market execution services in sugar, coffee, cocoa, cotton and orange juice futures and options. Avery now offers online commodity trading and other services.

Experienced Commodity Broker

Avery Putter is a commodity futures options broker in New York. Avery is a member of the Inter-Continental Exchange (ICE) and today facilitates a broad spectrum of execution services. He provides exceptional liquidity, price discovery and transparency to institutional clients, banks, fund to funds and hedge funds. 

Sweet Futures 1, LLC

Avery Putter, a registered broker with Sweet Futures 1, LLC operates a global marketplace for energy, grains, livestock and soft commodity futures and options. Avery is a registered broker with the National Futures Association (NFA) since 1996. 

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